New Zealand Implementation Guides

These are guides that have been created specifically for use in New Zealand. Some are national level guides, and others regional or vendor specific.

All guides in the site are currently maintained by David Hay on behalf of the 'owning' organization. For each guide, there is a link to the guide itself on the web, and the GitHub repository where it is maintained. The repository is available to all, and pull requests may be made by anyone as required.

For support, either use the FHIR chat, or contact david directly at david.hay25 at gmail dot com

Name Github Description
Health Provider Index (HPI) Github Profiles that describe the FHIR interface to the HPI
National Health Index (NHI) Github Profiles that describe the FHIR interface to the NHI
Northern Region (NR) Github Work being done with healthAlliance . Currently focussing on demographics & labs in the northern region. It is likely that this guide will be replaced by more specific ones as the project scope evolves.
Cancer Control Agency Github Work being done with TE AHO O TE KAHU Cancer Control Agency on chemotherapy regimens

International Implementation Guides

Name Description
International Patient Summary (IPS) Defines a minimal summary for clinical data
International guides that are particular interest in New Zealand

National level summaries

All Extensions, ValueSets & CodeSystems by IG

Key Profiles

Shows the relationship between the main profiles, specifically how each resource type has a 'common' profile that describes the attributes and profiling that are common to all uses of that resource type in New Zealand, and then 'project' level profiles that further constrain and enhance those common profiles.

Parent Child IG Description
CommonPatient NHI Shared patient attributes
NhiPatient NHI Specific attributes for NHI
NrPatient NR Specific attributes for Northern Region
CommonPractitioner HPI Shared practitioner attributes
HpiPractitioner HPI Specific attributes for HPI
NrPractitioner NR Specific attributes for Northern Region